The Way We Play Our Game

This world was born in what we now call “The Good Old Days” of our campaign in the spring of 1991. There were some magic users, and magic items, but for the most part the game was low fantasy. We had men and orcs, and these great orcish beasts known as urogs (picture a smart orc that never stops growing). There was the occasional dwarf, too.


Then in 1993, the game endured a great purge of magic (items and mages) as there was a dramatic change in philosophy. Robert E. Howard’s influences plunged the world into a Dark Age setting. Racial hatreds drove clashes between rival factions. The campaigns shifted focus to the Western Orclands where the darkest nature of the orcs was displayed as tribes and armies fought for control of the lands.


Very few characters were ever seen crossing back over the Great Dwarven Road out of the Orclands and into human territories. In 2006, we followed one of those characters into the human lands of Gautria and had a gaming revelation: we needed more miniatures. Our humans weren’t big enough in number to frighten the orc forces anymore. Thus began my husband’s mad quest to fulfill my vision of one mini for every character in the scene. Epic battles. Multiple factions. One-for-one. Absolutely insane.


He did it. By 2013 we had hills, cliffs, sod huts, stone houses, keeps, tents, trees, towers and boats in drawers and boxes and so much painted lead on our walls I’m surprised they didn’t cave in.


This most recent campaign chronicles the Sagas of the Gautrian Kings. We will tell of their great deeds here, and immortalize their adventures in photos and comics. Come in and join our fun!



What do you think?

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